Monday, 18 July 2011

There is no love more sincere than the love of food...

How cliché is it to quote George Bernard Shaw who was obviously a foodie and loved the gourmet stuff as much as we do?

Carib Gourmet is officially launching and after a long wait, all your Caribbean Foodie stuff is available. We have gathered the best Guadeloupe and Martinique has to offer and our ever expanding catalogue will not cease to surprise and please in the future weeks as we continue adding new products.


Our Caribbean Gourmet Treasure
Our catalogue includes classics such as the traditional white rum ideal for the Ti Punch, that will please the expatriates. Our fine Caribbean food will also surprise the newbies with innovative products such ad the candied sweet chilli. Let's not forget about our rare rums such as the Darboussier Dark Rum or the exclusive Guadeloupe Bonifieur coffee.

Carib Gourmet: a new lifestyle
Far from the corny image of the Caribbean, we want to introduce you to a new lifestyle. French Caribbean culture is the ultimate hybrid culture expressed in countless forms, through art, literature and its cuisine. Our mission is to reflect this mix and help you discover its uniqueness.

Carib Gourmet is about love: love for the French West indies, love for the best things in life, love for travel through the palate... 

Welcome to the world of Carib Gourmet...

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