Monday, 18 June 2012

Carib Gourmet at HEC Paris

Carib Gourmet was invited to partake in a three day intensive entrepreneurial hub at HEC Paris
Among the participants at this year’s UDE entrepreneurship program were several businesses which were handpicked to come and role play, present and consult on their various business ventures. Carib Gourmet was among them thanks to the LERECA Network! The event was hosted at the HEC Paris Jouy en Josas campus which is situated in close proximity to Versailles. Carib Gourmet’s founder Vanessa Bolosier also took part in the festivities including dinners, sports workshops and ocncert hosted by the president of HEC and the seminar’s organisers Mr. Jean-Pierre Detrie and Mr. Hubert Bonal, who loved Caribbean culture along with the treasures that the islands have to offer. 
The organisers and HEC Paris President were impressed with the businesses presented and would like to see Carib Gourmet along with other entrepreneurs of Caribbean origin participate again next year.

One thing is certain, Carib Gourmet will be among the participants in 2013!