Saturday, 31 July 2010

Welcome on your Caribbean Gourmet Journey

Carib Gourmet was born from an avid passion for the best of the best from the French Caribbean Islands.


After a exciting palate journey of discovery, exploring the ends of what the French Caribbean islands (Guadeloupe and Martinique) had to offer, the idea of bringing back its treasures to the rest of the world was born.

It is well known that, once the human kind finds a treasure, little does it want to share the best of it to the rest of humanity. In a leap of altruism, the founder of Carib Gourmet decided it was high time, the International Epicure Community discovers the culinary secrets, gastronomic gems,  flavourful ingredients , and oh so endeering beverages but also the tales, enigma and "mysticalities" that make Guadeloupe and Martinique, the Shangri-la of food and drinks aficionados.


Carib Gourmet will help you discover anything and everything that impact on the high standards of what the French Caribbean has best to offer. Its culture, Cuisine, Personalities, Arts, Terroir and Traditions, and all that impacts on the unique desire to produce the "creme de la creme."

The French Caribbean:

Guadeloupe & Maritinique are sisters. One of them is graced by multiple assets and is very curvacious due to the numerous pieces of land that form her shape. She is renowned for the beauty of her waters and therefore inherited from her netive inhabitant the name of Karukéra ie. The Island with Beautiful Waters.

Martinique is the other sister, slender, mutli-faceted and not the less generous. The beauty of the scenery she offers, her killer temper due to the murderous although famous volcano make her unmissable. Her flowers are her best assets, which as a consequence won her the native Caribbean name of Madinina ie The Island of Beautiful Flowers.

Carib Gourmet:

We retail gourmet food and drink products. All our products come from a careful, meticulous production process. They are all issued from the Caribbean heritage of the Islands and infused with the elitist French impact.
We also organise events and supply on a wholesale basis.

We surely hope you enjoy your journey with us, in the land of the beautiful and tasteful!!

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Carib Gourmet is a Trading name of Guadeloupe Spirit registered in RCS Pointe a Pitre N.523 286 649 00018