Wednesday, 10 August 2011

French Caribbean recipe books

Food lovers always look for inspiration in the most exotic places. And what could be more exotic than Caribbean food with a French touch. This Carib Gourmet's  selection of French Caribbean Cookbook to take you on a journey of Caribbean food discovery.

French Caribbean Cuisine
This recipe book by Stephanie Ovide with a preface by the iconic Maryse Condé showcases French Caribbean recipes from the most traditional to more innovative dishes.
French Caribbean Cuisine by Stephanie Ovide is available on Amazon.

It contains soil recipes such as the Avocado feroce for which one of the necessary ingredient is scotch bonnet pepper confit.

Carib Gourmet Recipe Book Selection
Paradise Found: The people, restaurants and recipes of St. Barthélemy
Nostalgic of your holidays in St Barts - the ultimate French Caribbean holiday destination? This book wil not only help you reminisce the great time, it will also entice the ones who haven't been yet to visit not only for the crystal clear sea and white sand beaches but also the combination of French gastronomy with Caribbean ingredients to create unique innovative recipes. The "Caribbean Fooding" experience in Saint Barths will enchant any and is trult paradise found.

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