Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Darboussier: a great name in the History of Guadeloupe Rum

Growing up, my mother told me her story of  Darboussier Factory.

"Coming back from school when the factory was fuming there was that uncomparable smell... caramel... I think... The cane being crushed not only had a smell but a sound... You would see the small train overflowing with the precious cane and the workers sucking on it. Sometimes we would pick the ones that dropped and share it between friends... I was sad when it closed, the neighbourhood changed."

She grew up at "La rue Denfert",  the then notable side of the towm, Pointe a Pitre.

She recalls: "The rest of La Pointe was just canals and yards. From the balcony of this colonial house, I could see everything at the factory, it was amazing..."

These types of stories were the cradle of my youth, growing up on an island of such strong cultural identity reflected in everything that's being produced.

When we decided to launch Carib Gourmet, Rum Darboussier was a must-have. It was a trip down memory lane and exploring the history of this Rum that made the pride of the island.

The Darboussier was established in 1869 as sugar factory. After the sugar crisis in 1902, prolonged by social conflicts, Darboussier was for sale and purchased by a group with metropolitan capital with the participation the Aubert-Raoul Duval family. In 1907 was established new company with the capital 9 million franks. The factory wasd in Rue Raspail. It used to be the heart of Pointe-A-Pitre, along with the naval construction industry, the town lived at the pace of rue Raspail and was a place of great social diversity, mixing workers and middle class houses. The factory was the biggest employer of the island and a lot of hope was placed in the structure.

Nowadays it comes to life in the evening with the prostitute bars and the site has been rehabilited to welcome council lodging.

But the spirit of Darboussier lives forever...

It's all in the flamboyant, rich mixture of very old rums aged in vats of oak with a sweet profile, complex character and warm, smooth, soft finish. On opening the bottle, an exceptional bouquet of aromas fills the air.

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Monday, 2 August 2010

Guadeloupe: the land of Black Gold

How many of you knew that Guadeloupe still produces coffee? Furthermore, how many of you are aware this coffee was one of the best in the world?

My freshly roasted Guadeloupe Bonifieur beans -yum!

Guadeloupe Bonifieur is beautiful. Simply delectable and beautiful. We're not sure you actually can say that about a coffee but no other word could descibe it...beautiful

This coffee has a finesse, smoothness and  uniqueness of a caffeine flavoured caress on your palate.

The traditional way of roasting this coffee is dark. This is the roast the Café Mon regard as well as that of the Domaine de l'Habitation Griveliere went for.

En route to the Doamaine de l'Habitation la Griveliere

Guadeloupe Bonifieur arrived in Guadeloupe at the beginning of the 18th Century. The variety was cultivated in the Reunion Island. It travelled to the Versailles Gardens as it quickly became Louis XIV's favourite. I then travelled to Martinique and Guadeloupe after leaving for Jamaica were it started to be cultivated in the Blue Mountain region.

The cultivation of coffee was major in Guadeloupe but then disappeared after hurricanes and coffee disease epidemies. The harvest of Guadeloupe Bonifieur has been revived in the last 12 years.

A Guadeloupe Bonifieur plant resting under a banana tree

It is now one of the most exclusive coffee products on earth because of its careful production. It's Guadeloupe's Black Gold!

Many brands now roast Bonifieur. Café Edouard have an exclusive range, greatly packaged for great conservation. Behind the Mon Regard is the Cooperative that is responsible for the revival of Guadeloupe Bonifieur. Vanibel also is a great name for Bonifieur with its terroir inspired packaging featuring a jute pouch. And of course the Domaine de la h'abitation Grivelier who also has a Coffee Museum, great site to visit, nestled on the slope of the Soufriere Volcano.
Bonifieur from Cafe Edouard

Guadeloupe Bonifieur from Vanibel
If you are a fan of great coffee, Bonifieur is a must-have. The coffee has a great body,  delicate flowery notes and a very low acidity. It's an anytime-cup that must be savoured with delectation.

We had it every way possible and it's great whether you have it Turkish, filter or with a French Press.

My empty cup Post Guadeloupe-Bonifieur
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