Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Guess who's a #WOW Winner?

Last week Vanessa Bolosier, founder of Carib Gourmet decided to give the "Jacqueline Gold Women On Wednesday Competition" a go. She pitched about Carib Gourmet and the soon to be released Coco Gourmand in less than 140 characters on Twitter and won!

#WOW is an initiative meant to boost the exposure of Female Entrepreneur and means that your business has impressed Jacqueline Gold who's the Chief Executive of Knickerbox and Ann Summers. It's a pretty big deal for us!

This is an big the accolade for Carib Gourmet, its sister companies and Vanessa who's put her heart and soul in making sure Carib Gourmet is a real success. Our first official award and we're very proud!! The first of many to come! Follow us on Twitter @carib_gourmet or on Facebook