Friday, 3 December 2010

Caribbean Winter Remedies

Winter is here with all its great gifts: shivers, fever, flu and weight gain! But lucky enough, CaribGourmet has a lot of goodies to keep you warm!For each discomfort and needs we have a remedy. So...

For Sore throat the best remedy is the traditional and oh so effective Grog.

You will need:
2 shots of Dark Rum
1 shot of Light Rum
2 shots of Lime Juice
0.5 Runny Honey
Cinnamon sticks

We recommend you use our Savonette Honey from Maison de la Caraibe.
The Savonnette wood with its perfumed purple flowers was once renowned for his cleansing virtues. This amber-red honey will surprise you with its aromatic finesse, tangy and lightly spicy.


Feeling chilly? Why not have a hot cup of great coffee with a hint of old rum.
Guadeloupe Bonifieur is one of the best coffee in the world. It will keep you awake during the day and warm at night as this coffee can be drunk anytime of the day since it's caffeine level is so low making it a barely acidic coffee. Caf├ęs Edouard offer this great cup whole beans, ground as well as in espresso pods. You have excuse now!


A cocooning treat... Sip on some smooth Old rum after a day in this cold weather!

After a hard day at work, a small glass of Darboussier Old Rum will make you feel, relaxed and warm. It's outstanding taste and quality will comfort you, leaving you disregarding the outside cold.

Block nose? this fire will make everything run...literally!

Put some fire in your dishes and feel the heat!The Chilli Oil is a seasoning product resulting from soaking the peppers in vegetal oil spiced with garlic, onions, cloves, salt and Creole laurel.

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