Friday, 22 October 2010

Banana Wine available from Carib Gourmet

Banana Wine from Carib Gourmet
Our visit at SIAL 2010 was very fruitful. We managed to reinforce great relationships with our suppliers and discovered great innovative fine food and drinks to bring you the best the French Caribbean has to offer.
One of the innovation that was the most triking was a Banana table wine. Original, right?

We have now added the Banana Wine to our Alcoholic Beverage range that also includes, liqueurs, old agricultural rum and white Rhum Agricole.  The Banana Wine from The Domaine des Antilles is the mellow result of a traditional fermentation technique applied to a selection of the best bananas of Guadeloupe. Guadeloupe Banana website

Smooth and mellow, the Coteaux des Aliz├ęs, or Banana Wine is savoured fresh as a pre-dinner drink and adds an exotic touch to any meal and creatively compliments creole cuisine.

It was such a hit, the Independent mentionned it in a review of the Trade Show Banana wine in the Independent

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