Friday, 28 January 2011

Fireworks Guaranteed for Valentine's Day!

We were looking at our sales figures for the week and realise there was an increase in Bois Bandé orders. we went into a big ordeal of finding out why and realised that Valentine's coming and I think some of our customers need a boost, a bit of help from our Caribbean Resources.

Bois Bandé also know as Roupala Montana is famous for it's sexual performance enhance properties. You can drink it as tea or for more effect simmer it in rum.

Its vertues include an alleged decrease in prostate cancer for men that drink it and it is said to help women with PMT.

One of our regular customer spoke of an epiphany when he discovered and tried it. He calls it his magic potion and describe the experience as firework-like!

If you think you need a little boost for the Romantic Season, we will ship your order and we are very discrete!
We recommend you drink your Bois Bandé liqueur between 1-2hours before intercourse...FIREWORKS GUARANTEED!!

Order your bottle today!

Liqueur Bielle Bois Bandé 50cl - 40%

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